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3 Laws of Maximum Strength Gains.

Power Factor Workout results.

OCT-31-02 After losing my oldest son to brain cancer 6 months prior, I was diagnosed with grade 3 cancer of the large intestine (transverse colon) see pic, an apple sized tumor was surgically removed.

                                                                     LOST IT.
My body had wasted down to 129 lbs.
I lost my son, my career , my health,all in 6 months.

With mind and body utterly devastated I was totally discouraged, and hit rock bottom.
Next was 6 nasty months of CHEMO, unbelievable nausea, body wasting, weakness, fatigue,everything smelled terrible, couldnt hardly eat.
lost another 5 lbs. down to 124. finished CHEMO on JULY-15-03

I Vowed with a Vengeance that I would  not let this get the best of me, I knew how to get my body back in shape.
I have read a ton of fitness books, magazines and articles over the years and I have followed diligently the writings of this Strength coach who has written for the big Muscle magazines and then developed his own Totally unique and simplified training system over the past 25 years. The main focus is on how to use shorter workouts with greater Intensity,gaining Maximum Strength in Minimum time.
 I got immensely motivated, focused and took massive action,
 using these 3 Laws of Muscle + Strength Gains.

1. High Intensity , Maximum Overload.
2. Progressive Muscle Overload.
3. Rest and recovery.

AUG-31-03 started my workout routine again!

body weight 124
bench press 1 rep max 95 lbs

Strategic Muscle + Strength Gain Full Body Workout weapons for getting back into shape.
Revolutionary  fitness techniques. ( see Power Factor Training Strength and Muscle Gain ebook) For increasing nerve + muscle strength, muscle size+ power, body mass.

Each person has there own rate of stimulation/rest/recovery/growth period, so it will vary from person to person.
Your recovery/Growth rate depends on:
-Body type
-your stress level at work/home/traveling etc.
-Sleep deprivation
-stimulant consumption or lack thereof
-Mental state of MIND
-Activity level i.e if you are extremely active all day long, with lots of
physically and mentally demanding jobs/kids/relationships/school etc, your nerves will have a harder time recharging and giving your mind/body the rest/energy it needs to stimulate new strength and muscle growth.

AFTER 7 months of using the Power-Factor-Strength Training System.
and a total of only 16 workouts.

  • Average 1 Workout every 13 days!
  • 155 lbs added to my bench press full rep. 1 rep max was now at 250;)
  • 260 lbs added to Leg Press Full rep.
  • +14 lbs of Lean Muscle Mass.
  • -7 lbs decreased body fat.
  • 131 total body weight
  • 4.8 % body fat. (approx)
  • age 36

                                                    GOT it BACK !! MAR-16-04
And finally after 6 months of chemo, then 7 months of weight training.
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                                                                     Jan-2011 @ age 43
THE   BEST MUSCLE BUILDING,Strength-Gaining Workout Routine available,  click here now

I learned from my Martial Arts training that where the MIND goes, the BODY will FOLLOW,how to FOCUS my concentration between the MIND and MUSCLES, using an ancient Martial arts technique to force maximum muscle contractions and repetitions far beyond what the mind could normally accomplish.

I found out what my motivational strategy was,  fed my mind with positive images of individuals who had achieved the physical muscularity that I was striving for, I made a poster of my favorite bodybuilders/Athletes hung it up on my wall, (see pic)
along a whole slew of Arnold, Bruce Lee posters.

Again INDIVIDUAL motivational strategies will vary from person to person, write me for information on how to find your own strategy.

Set my goals and VISUALIZED them already accomplished.

I have read literally hundreds of self empowerment/improvement & personal development books,
listened to seminars on tape. I distilled everything I learned and

found that a combination of the best training methods (MENTAL+PHYSICAL) was the BEST program.
I have detailed logbooks of the techniques I used and their effectiveness.

MUSIC was another key to success,
HEAVY METAL (iron weights) + HEAVY METAL tunes SUPER-CHARGED my workouts!!
Being a musician/drummer/guitarist
writing/performing all my own original songs was very therapeutic + relaxing.

                                    Over 40 Fitness!!            Still adding Muscle @ 43 yrs of age

                       Get some MUSCLE GAIN Workout Routine ebook click here now.
I always work out with Metallica, Van-Halen, Dream Theater, or the soundtrack to the BATMAN movies, by Danny Elfman,the BRAVEHEART soundtrack, certain Motzart pieces.The MATRIX soundtrack, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai metal instrumentals
My goal is to incorporate the MUSIC + Motivational influences of the brain with the power of effective PHYSICAL-FITNESS training,for a most excellent results!

                                     My total transformation is ongoing .....and this is why I started this blog to give you the absolute BEST information on training methods and supplementation programs.

For more info and details
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i fitness = Intelligence, Integrated, Individual fitness
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